MLFDA Suicide Prevention Project

MLFDALogoThe Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association, Inc. is committed to promoting the safe use of firearms. We are concerned about their use by individuals at risk of suicide. The goal of the MLFDA Suicide Prevention Project is to prevent the tragic misuse of firearms for suicide. MLFDA has partnered with Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center to make our Suicide Prevention Brochure available to the public. We hope you will print and share with others. It contains information about safe firearm handling and storage as well as suicide prevention and mental health resources. Firearms dealers and ranges may order brochures, Lifeline cards and other materials free of charge via email at:

View and download the MLFDA Suicide Prevention brochure.

If you wish to support this effort, please make a donation to Grassroots Crisis Intervention for the MLFDA Suicide Prevention Project. Donations will be used for printing and postage expenses. Please note that all donations are processed by Paypal but you do NOT need to have a Paypal Account to donate.





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