Record Number Served in 2020 by Grassroots

Record Number Served in 2020 by Grassroots

The year 2020 will be remembered for the illnesses and deaths caused by coronavirus, economic hardship, public exposure of systemic racism, and political upheaval.  It will also be remembered at Grassroots because of its record-setting delivery of services.

  • 485 people, 91 of them children, were provided shelter
  • 93 households were given Rental Assistance Funds
  • 1,001 bags of food were distributed to households

Mental health issues surfaced or were exacerbated during the pandemic.  Grassroots responded.

In 2020, the Grassroots Day Resource Center, which serves the chronically homeless at the Leola Dorsey Community Resource Center in Jessup, operated on a modified basis starting in mid-March.  Grassroots responded by launching outreach efforts in addition to limited services at the center.

  • 872 people were served
  • 1,273 showers were taken and 1,216 loads of laundry were done
  • 7,232 articles of clothing, and 211 pairs of shoes and boots were distributed
  • 294 outdoor survival supplies – tents, mats, tarps and more – were provided
  • 26,602 food items were distributed to community members in need
  • 3,432 individual bottles and 163 gallon-size bottles of water were distributed

The pressure is still on Grassroots staff to respond to the people in need in our community.  The coronavirus is still causing sickness and death, people are still out of work, families are still under stress.  Some members of the community are suffering more than others.  If you are one of the fortunate, your support can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Donate here.

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